About us

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The Office of Personalized Genomics and Innovative Medicine (OPGIM) was established at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital to enable and promote the implementation of a personalized health care approach to the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases such cancer, cardiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

This will be achieved in collaboration with our Clinical Genomics centre, which has been providing genomics services, such as genotyping and DNA sequencing, to the local, national, and international biomedical community for over a decade.

Through ongoing partnerships with leading research and molecular diagnostic centres, the OPGIM will enable the implementation of exciting genetic/genomic discoveries into routine medical practice, and ultimately improve the speed and precision of disease diagnostics and the quality of patient care.

Our five major objectives include:

  • Implement Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology for advanced genetic testing;
  • Create and disseminate bioinformatics pipelines for biomedical annotation of patients’ genomes;
  • Link patient’s genetic data to the Electronic Health Records;
  • Develop and provide physician decision support tools that will integrate disease risk and pharmacogenomics data; and
  • Provide patients with access to their genetic information while providing appropriate genetic counseling services.

Our mission also aims to:

  • Educate the public, government officials and policymakers on the economic and personal health benefits of personalized medicine;
  • Provide continuous education to medical professionals on best phamacogenomic and pharmacogenetic practices in patient care;
  • Disseminate knowledge and experience in personalized medicine across hospitals and medical centers in Ontario and rest of Canada; and
  • Provide leadership on public policy issues that affect personalized medicine.